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    With over 35 years experience of success in the York Region as your one-stop-shop for all your landscape and gardening needs we invite you to come and feel the satisfaction and pride you’ll get from using our fine products. Start the season off with a trip to our garden center and you’ll find everything you need to start and continue your gardening all season long.

    You may choose from a wide selection of bedding, annuals, perennials, tropicals, herbs, trees & shrubs and garden supplies. With over 10 acres at our Stouffville location you’ll see why we have such a wide selection.

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    A Testimonial

    Hi Angelo

    At Easter time this year , with our large family gathering , my White Pointsette became the topic of discussion . My husband Bob had purchased all our wonderful Red and White Poinsettes from Tree Valley this past Christmas season which I may add were very full, bright and beautiful plants. Not only did they add fabulous colour , and warmth to the holiday season, they also added to that wonderful festive feeling in our home. Usually by mid January I remove all Christmas plants from my home. This year however , one White Pointsette, which I had moved to our kitchen table is still going strong . I have sent some photos off to you , hopefully you will enjoy them.

    Angelo, I am also sending some photos of my summer gardens. These gardens I truly enjoy and maintain all myself. I have switched from the Geraniums to Impatiens in my backyard gardens and have sent you some before and after photos. (the dates on the photos will determine this). The Impatiens did great last year (just want to change the colour this year)

    Angelo, you will also see the plant, shrubs, and trees etc. throughout my gardens. These we purchased from Tree Valley over the past years. They have added so much to our backyard landscape and have helped me create my wonderful gardens. I hope you will enjoy these photos also.

    I would like to thank you Angelo and your wonderful staff at Tree Valley Garden Centre for your great service and wonderful garden/landscaping products that Bob and I have purchased from Tree Valley over the years. A special thank you to Mary who always finds the time no matter how busy she is to help, explain and answer any questions I may have (her suggestions are also great).

    With Thanks,
    See You Soon
    Sandy Dowse

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