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    The following is a comprehensive list of the most popular perennials. This list is arranged in alphabetical order, according to genus.

    Plants flower at different times and for different lengths of time. The ultimate goal it to include plant material of varying heights and varieties to ensure something is in bloom in your garden at all times.

    The handy chart below will give you an idea of blooming times, growth height, sun and soil requirements, and what type/theme garden the plant works best in.

    Plant name Bloom colour Bloom period Plant height L-low M-medium T-tall Exposure Used for Comments
    Achillea (yarrow) Yellow-gold Mid/late summer L,M,T Sun Rock gardens, borders, cut flowers Well drained soil, may require staking
    Alyssum (basket of cold) Yellow Early summer L Sun, partial sun Rock gardens, beds, borders Well drained soil, divide in spring
    Aquilegia(columbine) Blue, maroon, purple, yellow Late spring/mid summer M Partial sun, shade Rock gardens, borders, cut flowers Well drained soil, divide late summer
    Armeria (thrift) Purple, rose Late spring/mid summer L Sun Rock gardens, beds, edging, borders Dry, infertile soil, divide every 4 years
    Artemisia(silvermound) Silver foliage L Sun Rock gardens, edging Will adapt to poor soil conditions
    Aster Rose, violet, pink Late summer M Sun Borders, edging, cut flowers Water generously in well drained soil
    Astilbe Pink, red, white Summer M Partial sun Borders, beds Moist, fertile organic soil
    Convallaria (lily of the valley) White Spring L Partial sun, shade Ground cover, borders, cut flowers Berries are poisonous
    Chrysanthemum maximum (shasta daisy) White Summer M Sun, partial sun Borders, cut flowers Fertile soil, divide every other spring
    Chrysanthemum(Hardy Mums) Red, yellow, bronze Fall M,L Sun, partial sun Foundations, borders Well drained moist soil, may transplant in fall
    Delphinium Pink, ehite, blue Summer T Sun Backgrounds, beds, borders May require staking, cut back flowers after flowering
    Dianthus(carnation) Pink, red, rose, white, yellow Late spring/summer M,L Sun Rock gardens, borders, beds, cut flowers Well drained alkaline soil
    Dicentra(bleeding heart) Pink to fuchsia Late spring/late summer M Sun, partial sun Backgrounds, beds, borders Fertile soil, divide in spring or fall
    Gaillardia (blanket flower) Red, orange, yellow Summer M Sun Cut flowers, borders Light, well drained soil, divide in spring
    Gypsophila(baby’s breath) White Mid summer L/M/T Partial sun Borders, edging Well drained, low nutrient, high pH soil
    Hemerocallis(day lily) Yellow, cream, bronze, pink Late spring M Sun, partial sun Backgrounds, borders, cut flowers Well drained organic soil, divide every 4 to 6 years
    Hollyhock Pink, white, red Late Summer T Sun Backgrounds Well drained soil, may require staking
    Hosta (plantain lily) Lavender, white Summer M Sun, partial sun Beds, borders, groundcovers Organic soil
    Iris Assorted Spring/mid dummer L/T Sun Beds, foundations, borders Divide rhizomes after flowering
    Lillium (lily) Assorted Summer T Sun, partial sun Backgrounds Fertile soil
    Lupinus (lupin) Blue, red, white, pink, yellow Summer M Partial sun Backgrounds, borders Cool, moist areas, acidic soil
    Paeonia (peony) Yellow, red, purple, pink, white Spring M/T Sun Borders, cut flowers Shade inhibits flowering, establishment time: 3 years
    Papaver (Oriental poppy) Scarlet, salmon Early spring M Sun Backgrounds, borders, beds Well drained soil, difficult to transplant
    Phlox paniculata(garden phlox) Assorted Summer L/M Sun, partial sun Backgrounds, beds, borders Require fertilizing with Superphosphate or Bonemeal, divide in fall
    Platycodon(balloon flower) Blue Summer M/T Sun, partial sun Rock gardens, borders Will not tolerate wet soil, does not transplant well requires staking
    Primula (primose) Assorted Spring L/M Partial sun Borders, beds Cool, moist organic soil
    Rudbeckia (cone flower) (black-eyed Susan) Yellow, gold Summer M Sun, partial sun Borders, beds, cut flowers Easy to grow

    Source: Landscape Ontario

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